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Gulp Tasks


Gulp Run

// simple execution

// run task 'clean' with --silent option
  • noColor() adds --no-color option to gulp
  • color() adds --color option to gulp
  • simple() adds --tasks-simple option to gulp
  • setOutput($output) Sets the Console Output.
  • setProcessInput($input) Pass an input to the process. Can be resource created with fopen() or string
  • dir($dir) Changes working directory of command
  • arg($arg) Pass argument to executable. Its value will be automatically escaped.
  • args($args) Pass methods parameters as arguments to executable. Argument values
  • rawArg($arg) Pass the provided string in its raw (as provided) form as an argument to executable.
  • option($option, $value = null, $separator = null) Pass option to executable. Options are prefixed with -- , value can be provided in second parameter.
  • options(array $options, $separator = null) Pass multiple options to executable. The associative array contains
  • optionList($option, $value = null, $separator = null) Pass an option with multiple values to executable. Value can be a string or array.