Modern Task Runner for PHP

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License MIT

What is Robo?

Robo is a task runner you always have been looking for. It allows you to write fully customizable tasks in common OOP PHP style. Robo has comprehensive list of built-in common tasks for development, testing, and deployment.

Use Robo to

  • automate your common tasks
  • start workers
  • run parallel tasks
  • execute commands
  • run tests
  • watch filesystem changes


Via Composer

Add to composer.json of your project

require-dev: {
    "consolidation/robo": "^1.0.0"
or install it globally:
composer global require consolidation/robo
Download robo.phar

Using Phar


or download it via HTTPS from GitHub releases

To install globally put robo.phar in /usr/bin (/usr/local/bin in OSX 10.11+).

chmod +x robo.phar && sudo mv robo.phar /usr/bin/robo

Now you can use it just like robo.


<?php // all tasks are defined in RoboFile.php
class RoboFile {
 * Each public method is a command in runner
 * parameters are arguments in console
 * use './robo test' to run tests on a project
function test($pathToSelenium = '~/selenium.jar')
    // starts PHP server in background

    // launches Selenium server
    $this->taskExec('java -jar '.$pathToSelenium)

    // runs PHPUnit tests

 * Cleanup temporary files
function clean()
    $this->_cleanDir(['app/cache', 'app/logs']);

 * Minify assets
function assets()
    // concat CSS files

    // minify CSS files

    // install Bower dependencies
// ...Git, Ssh, Docker, and other tasks available