Remote Tasks


Executes rsync in a flexible manner.

  ->remoteShell('ssh -i public_key')

You could also clone the task and do a dry-run first:

$rsync = $this->taskRsync()

$dryRun = clone $rsync;
if ('y' === $this->ask('Do you want to run (y/n)')) {


Runs multiple commands on a remote server. Per default, commands are combined with &&, unless stopOnFail is false.


$this->taskSshExec('', 'user')
    ->exec('ls -la')
    ->exec('chmod g+x logs')

You can even exec other tasks (which implement CommandInterface):

$gitTask = $this->taskGitStack()


You can configure the remote directory for all future calls:

::configure('remoteDir', '/some-dir');